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Производство и монтаж мостовых подвесных кранов для РЭС

Компания «Киевский завод кранов» изготовила и смонтировала подкрановые пути, 2 мостовых однобалочных подвесных кранов грузоподъемностью 3,2 тонны с длиной пролета 9 метров, 2 мостовых однобалочных подвесных кранов грузоподъемностью 3,2 тонны с длиной пролета 4 метра для РЭС в Херсонской области.

Обследование башенного крана
В г. Днепр специалистами компании «Киевский Завод Кранов» был проведен осмотр башенного крана на гусеничном ходу французского производства Manitowoc, грузоподъемностью 270 тонн.

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Kiev Crane Factory is ready to offer you the design of ground-mounted crane trestles, effectively combining standard solutions with individual customer requirements.


We design the following kinds of crane trestles:
  • with columns installation on a separate foundation (free-standing crane trestle);
  • with installation of supporting flanged on the existing columns (built in crane trestle);
  • mounted to the roof trusses.

To estimate the design work scope, our experts visit the Customer’s facility or hold a preliminary consultation by phone, collecting and processing the inputs for further work.



Upon receiving of technical specifications from the customer, our engineers prepare a sketch (draft project) of the future place of the crane runways installation, and it is submitted to the customer for consideration and approval. At customer’s request, after project design completion, we issue a work breakdown with detailed calculation of estimated cost of manufacturing, installation and testing of crane trestle (crane tracks).



We design crane trestles with columns installation on a separate foundation (free-standing crane trestle), or with installation of supporting flanged on the existing columns(built in crane trestle), or mounted to the roof trusses.


As for gantry crane designing, the project documentation for gantry cranes trestles or tracks includes the following list:

  • extract from the general layout (engineering layout);
  • the project of the rail track;
  • work execution program and schedule on the rail track installation;
  • requirements for safe operation of the rail tracks.

Crane tracks design – is an important and time-taking process. There is no room for mistakes or in competence, because the project design quality determines not on lyre liable operation and high wear resistance of lifting equipment devices and mechanisms, but also the safety of people and buildings.

All design works are carried out in strict accordance with international standards and other legal requirements and regulations.

High quality equipment designed by our engineers will satisfy the needs of your production facility. For this purpose, the engineers of Kiev Crane Factory scrupulously study not only the customer claims, but also the specific features of his business and the particular characteristics of the intended site for the equipment installation. As a result, the customer gets the project of crane tracks and crane trestles that will meet both the customer needs and the legal requirements and regulations.


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